Summer School 2014

Synapse dynamics in circuit formation, learning and diseaseLOGOFENS

A satellite event of the FENS Forum 2014, Milan

The major focus of the NPlast summer school is on molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity. The capacity of the nervous system to modify its own organization is remarkable; plastic changes can occur as a consequence of many events, including normal development and maturation, acquisition of new skills ('learning') and after brain damage. The faculty of the school will address very different aspects of this broad topic. Presentations will be given on molecular mechanisms at the level of single synapses that can cause synaptic dysfunction, how dynamics of protein networks and of protein trafficking at the scale of single molecules will alter plastic properties of neurons, how long-lasting changes in transcriptional regulation are established and maintained in plasticity and disease. The speakers will address clinical aspects and principles how to maintain the plastic properties of neurons in the adult and aging brain. Measures aimed to 'rejuvenate' the brain and to counteract the deleterious effects of aging or genetic defects will be discussed.
The summer school is organized by students of the Marie-Curie International Training Program NPlast provides introductory lectures combined with an overview of very recent experimental data by leading experts in the field. The target audience are graduate students and young postdocs who work in the field of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. Attendance will be limited to 60 persons to ensure enough time and opportunities for personal interactions with the speakers.

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